Angela Lanzi

High School Mentor

As a highschool mentor, Angela loves to connect with students and help them succeed. She has a BBA in Healthcare Management and worked for 10 years as an Allied Healthcare Instructor. During that time, she also founded and built a medical assisting program at a community college. Her driven and goal-oriented personality helps inspire students in their academics. She’s passionate about career planning and helping students with the transition from high school to adulthood.

Angela resides in Lexington with her three children and a plethora of pets. She owns a small side business making soaps and other body care products. She also loves to upcycle furniture, creating unique and functioning pieces. Her artistic talents also extend to canvas painting and playing classical piano.

Why Angela chose MIPS...

“My journey in education began in 2008 when I landed my first job teaching in a post-secondary setting.  I remember being so nervous on my first day that I could hardly introduce myself to the class. After getting used to talking in front of large groups, I quickly realized that teaching was what I was meant to do. I continued to teach at various community colleges and tech schools until I moved to the thumb of Michigan with my family in 2015.  While I absolutely love living in a rural area, one thing that is not abundant is available jobs in a post-secondary setting. I began to work as a substitute teacher for the local school districts until I was hired to be a mentor here at MIPS. After experiencing some disparity in primary and secondary educational settings, I was thrilled that MIPS was trying to provide some balance for the children that have unique needs. I have heard our Superintendent saying that the moment he makes a decision based upon anything other than the needs of our students is the moment he has lost his path. This is why I MIPS: because this school truly puts the student body first.”