Arturo Araujo

Art Teacher

Mr. Araujo (or “Art”), is our aptly named art instructor. With over five years of experience working actively in the fine arts industry, Art brings both passion and practicality to the classroom. Originally from the Dominican Republic, Mr. Araujo’s journey into art began as a means to learn the English language, which in turn led to numerous opportunities and achievements. Having gained so much by pursuing his passion in art, Mr. Araujo become a teacher with one major purpose: to share the gift that has meant so much to him.

Why Arturo chose MIPS...

“As a former student that struggled, I am all too familiar with the challenges that a child can have at a traditional school setting. This new way of education is flexible, customizable and it can be delivered to any child anywhere. MIPS has a staff that recognizes that our world is changing and with it so are our kids. We are innovators. I believe that quality education is a right rather than a benefit.”