Brenda Van Eck

Middle School/High School Mentor

Brenda is a Middle School/High School Mentor at MIPS and is based out of the Howell Lab. In addition to mentoring and tutoring her own students, Brenda helps any student that comes into the lab. She goes above and beyond to make herself available to her students. Brenda is known as being a reliable, kind, and patient advocate for her students. Middle School math tutoring is her favorite way to help students.

Van Eck grew up in west Michigan but moved to the Howell area in 2005. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Calvin College in Grand Rapids with a focus in math and science. She’s taught in a brick and mortar schools and also homeschooled her own two children for eight years, which she enjoyed immensely.

In her free hours, Brenda enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, camping, reading, and organizing.  

Why Brenda chose MIPS...

“After my own homeschooling years were finished, I came across MIPS and I loved the idea of being able to offer other students a personalized education like the one I’d given my own children. Every student at MIPS has the opportunity to have a very individualized education that they can tailor to work best for them.

I enjoy having one-on-one conversations with my students and getting to know what works best for them. When I am tutoring, I can approach a lesson one way for one student and a different way for another, based on what that particular student needs. Having a class of one is every teacher’s dream! I love to see students learn and to be a part of getting them to that “aha” moment.”