Chloe Bennett

Elementary Mentor Teacher

Chloe is an Elementary Mentor Teacher based out of the Oak Park Lab. Chloe has worked with children for many years, serving as an assistant preschool teacher, camp counselor, ABA tutor, school psychologist intern, substitute teacher, and lead preschool teacher. She truly cares for all people, loves building relationships, and is passionate about education.

Chloe grew up in the Metro Detroit area. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Oakland University in 2011. Chloe then spent time studying School Psychology at Central Michigan University before deciding to pursue her passion as a teacher. She earned a Master of Arts in Teaching Elementary Education from Oakland University in 2019. 

In her spare time, Chloe enjoys reading, spending time with her loved ones and pug, working on personal growth, and traveling. 

Why Chloe chose MIPS...

At MIPS, everyone is incredibly welcoming and supportive, and is equally passionate about education and putting the needs of students first. I chose MIPS because I was looking for an alternative to the “traditional” school system. While I am very passionate about the field of education, I feel that our current school system has a great deal of room for improvement. In particular, I find it frustrating that there is only so much that a “traditional teacher” can do to cater to the needs of students on an individual level. I’ve found that online teaching affords a greater ability to meet students at their level and personalize instruction to their needs. The nature of online education also allows for more one-on-one relationships, which is a dream come true for an educator! I also enjoy the dynamic environment at MIPS. No two days are the same in this environment, and I am excited to be part of a company that is always growing and looking ahead to advance the field of education