Jamie Abrego

Mentor/Science Teacher

Jamie Abrego is a hard-working, passionate educator who puts students first. With over 23 years of experience as a small business owner, Mr. Abrego brings actionable, real life experience and insight to the classroom. He’s also been part of the educational system for the last 23 years, coaching high school athletics at various levels.

After graduating high school in 1994, Mr. Abrego attended Grand Valley State University. He then founded and operated his own business for 14 years. In 2014, Mr. Abrego graduated with his Bachelors in Science, with a focus in Biology from Western Governors University.

In January of 2017, Mr. Abrego began his first teaching assignment with an online school in Port Huron, MI. In August of 2017, he joined Michigan International Prep School as a member of the leadership team. He now serves as Center Director at the Sandusky Learning Lab and oversees the MIPS mentoring team.

Why Jamie chose MIPS...

“I was previously teaching at cyber schools other than MIPS. During this time I started to see patterns with cyber school locations. Most labs are located in urban or suburban areas, which makes sense because of the dense population. A greater number of students would be given the opportunity to attend the labs this way. I thought about students that were from smaller, more rural areas and started to research if a lab would be warranted in these areas. After presenting the information to a couple different cyber schools, only one shared my vision and wanted to run with it.  At the end of the summer I signed a contract to run the Sandusky lab, MIPS’ very first lab. MIPS has a feeling of family for the student, parents, and the staff. This is why I MIPS.”