Kiwanna Young


Kiwanna is a middle and high school mentor who wants to help students every step of the way in accomplishing their educational goals and achieving the greatest academic success. As an enthusiast of history and politics, she is a few credits away from completing her degree in Political Science. Before entering the education field, Kiwanna worked in administration for local and state government, and campaigned for some local politicians. Those experiences helped to change her focus towards helping children, as she believes they are the core of the community she wishes to influence.

Kiwanna and her high school sweetheart recently purchased a “fixer upper” in Detroit, which they’ve worked tirelessly to renovate and make into a “home sweet home” for their son.  Aside from volunteering in her community, she likes to watch DIY videos, draw, and attend family events.        

Why Kiwanna chose MIPS...

I struggled as a student during my childhood, and it was only through the encouragement and motivation of educators that I was able to achieve success. Joining MIPS is my opportunity to give back what has been given to me. After being welcomed into MIPS, I quickly learned that I joined a team that has no limit as to how far they’re willing to go in ensuring the success of a single student. It’s reminiscent of my own experience, and makes me grateful to be apart of such a dedicated team!