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Automotive Marketing & Management

Early Middle College

Enroll today in free, online high school, and graduate with a free dual-enrolled associate's degree through Northwood University. Enroll now and begin supercharging your career in the $400B Auto Aftermarket industry.

Make a difference in the automotive industry. Gain real-world experience and build your resume.

Northwood University is a leader in automotive education, with graduates from the program landing jobs before they leave NU.

Through Michigan International Prep School's Early Middle College program, you'll complete your high school education through our flexible online high school program. You’ll also be taking free, dual enrolled courses in Automotive Aftermarket Management through Northwood University, (one of the largest, growing programs at Northwood) working towards an associate degree. Students will benefit from numerous opportunities to attend and run projects in the field.

Northwood works with industry professionals to ensure the Automotive Marketing and Management program delivers innovative learning experiences. This program is taught by faculty who come from the automotive industry, with guest speakers attending lectures almost every week.

Free, Online School through Michigan International Prep School

Program At a Glance

Cognia Accredited

Our program is fully-accredited by Cognia and approved by the Michigan Board of Education.


As an NCAA-approved online course provider, we give college-bound athletes a flexible academic option.

Dedicated Mentors

Every student is assigned a dedicated mentor who will act as their guide from enrollment to graduation.

Certified Teachers

All of our teachers are fully certified by the Michigan Board of Education.

School of the Arts

Our School of the Arts offers professional instruction in Music, Art, and Theatre.

Dual Enrollment

High-achieving students are able to earn college credit in high school through dual enrollment.

Technology Provided

All students are provided the needed devices to work in their classes, including a Chromebook or iPad.


As a state-wide public charter school, Michigan International Prep School is 100% free for students.

Field Trips

Visit with fellow students and staff at a variety of fun and educational field trips throughout the year.

How The Early Middle College Works

Begin earning college credit in your junior year for a massive head start on your career.

The Early Middle College program allows students to stay in high school for an additional 13th year to earn free college credit, graduating with both a high school diploma and an associate's degree.

Benefit from a gradual, strategic transition to college with expert guidance.

During the 11th and 12th grade years, students take a split load, with some courses through Michigan International Prep School (MIPS) and some through Northwood. This helps students to ease into college gradually, while also allowing them to gain college credit.

Graduate with a free Associate's Degree and a wealth of college experience.

During the 13th year, the majority of the student's courses are taken with Northwood, but students remain officially enrolled with MIPS. Students continue to attend a required check-in with the College and Career Coordinator during their 13th year.

Enroll today in online high school and begin earning your free, dual enrolled associate's degree in Automotive Marketing & Management.

Featured Courses

Independent Dealership Operations

Focuses on the non-franchise independent automobile dealer. These dealers are essential to the long-term survival of the American automobile industry. The disposition of used vehicles is necessary to accommodate the sale of new vehicles and these dealers have unique requirements that make them important organizations to study. Among the issues that this class will consider are the role of sales and salespeople, advertising, marketing, auctions, reconditioning of vehicles for resale, wholesalers, vehicle pricing, financing – including sub-prime and dealer financing, lot location and display

Strategic Sales and Marketing Issues

Automobile dealers must develop a successful market strategy for their dealership to differentiate themselves from their competitors. This course covers the differences between sales and marketing, the functions of a successful marketing campaign, creating and sustaining a brand identity, creating customer value, the differences between conquest sales and fresh sales, and a discussion of various buyer profiles.

Dealership Accounting

Focuses on the application of the basic accounting principles to the retail automobile dealership. Transactions are traced from the source documents through the accounting records into the financial statements. Students prepare and analyze all standard dealership operating and reporting documents. Included in the course is exposure to computerized accounting through the use of an ERA computer system.

Advanced Dealership Fixed Operations

A comprehensive analysis of successful fixed operations management and its contribution to the viability and profit performance of the entire dealership. This is achieved by examining the processes and economics of the mechanical service, body shop, and parts departments of American franchised dealerships as both traditional stand-alone departments and also as a unified business unit. The investigation of operational and financial considerations underlying essential concepts includes: repair order generation, technician and shop efficiency and productivity, scheduling, body shop estimating techniques, parts inventory strategies, part phase-in/out criteria, and level of service. Special attention is given to advanced issues intended to build competitive advantage for the entire dealership in the current business environment, such as adoption of lean production techniques, sources and uses of working capital, and strategies to retain/regain market share relative to aftermarket competitors. This course includes an ERA computer lab section.

Automotive Digital Marketing

A study of the current trends in technology available to dealers including computer systems to retain and utilize financial and customer data including service history; business development centers to create a stronger bond with customers and prospects; computer software to develop strong advertising campaigns using the Internet and other electronic media; and customer relationship management tools to maximize customer retention and to develop directed prospecting systems. This course examines virtual dealership models and virtual selling techniques.

Global Automotive Issues

An examination of the critical decision making process manufacturers go through when allocating resources for new product launches while looking for the best return on their investment. American manufacturers are entering developing markets where a large, new customer base has yet to be established. This means more new products will go to the BRIC markets (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) rather than the United States. Market strategies of the major global manufacturers and their potential in those markets is analyzed. Each market is analyzed while concentrating on the advantages and disadvantages from a manufacturing and consumer point of view.

Dealership Legal Issues/Finance and Insurance

A review of the many federal, state, and local regulatory agencies and laws dealerships must respond to including the Internal Revenue Service, state and local Departments of Revenue, Federal Trade Commission, Fair Labor Standards Act, Truth in Advertising, Truth in Lending, OSHA, EPA, and other agencies. Also includes an in-depth study of the dealership finance and insurance departments, with special emphasis on products offered in these departments and the profit potential.

Dealership Accounting & Financial Statement Analysis

This course explores ways and means of mining a dealership’s data management systems (DMS) to improve operational performance. Study begins by tracing the entry of individual transactions from source documents through the dealership’s accounting records and into the resulting management reports and financial statements. Students will prepare and analyze standard dealership operating and reporting documents with emphasis on financial statement analysis as a management tool. This course is offered in conjunction with a required lab section.

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