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Automotive Aftermarket Management

Early Middle College

Enroll today in free, online high school, and graduate with a free dual-enrolled associate's degree through Northwood University. Enroll now and begin supercharging your career in the $400B Auto Aftermarket industry.

Fueling Your Future Career Success in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry.

There are more used vehicles on the roads today than at any time in history. The need to customize cars is on the rise. These industry trends are fueling a tremendous opportunity for students who are interested in building a career in the aftermarket industry.

Through Michigan International Prep School's Early Middle College program, you'll complete your high school education through our flexible online high school program. You’ll also be taking free, dual enrolled courses in Automotive Aftermarket Management through Northwood University, working towards an associate degree. You'll have opportunities to engage in real-world experiences, including AAPEX/SEMA, one of the world’s largest automotive trade shows. Land an internship with big-name companies, such as Vipar Heavy Duty, Delphi, Edelbrock, and NGK.

Real industry feedback: pitch your senior capstone project to leading industry professionals in the aftermarket.

Free, Online School through Michigan International Prep School

Program At a Glance

Cognia Accredited

Our program is fully-accredited by Cognia and approved by the Michigan Board of Education.


As an NCAA-approved online course provider, we give college-bound athletes a flexible academic option.

Dedicated Mentors

Every student is assigned a dedicated mentor who will act as their guide from enrollment to graduation.

Certified Teachers

All of our teachers are fully certified by the Michigan Board of Education.

School of the Arts

Our School of the Arts offers professional instruction in Music, Art, and Theatre.

Dual Enrollment

High-achieving students are able to earn college credit in high school through dual enrollment.

Technology Provided

All students are provided the needed devices to work in their classes, including a Chromebook or iPad.


As a state-wide public charter school, Michigan International Prep School is 100% free for students.

Field Trips

Visit with fellow students and staff at a variety of fun and educational field trips throughout the year.

How The Early Middle College Works

Begin earning college credit in your junior year for a massive head start on your career.

The Early Middle College program allows students to stay in high school for an additional 13th year to earn free college credit, graduating with both a high school diploma and an associate's degree.

Benefit from a gradual, strategic transition to college with expert guidance.

During the 11th and 12th grade years, students take a split load, with some courses through Michigan International Prep School (MIPS) and some through Northwood. This helps students to ease into college gradually, while also allowing them to gain college credit.

Graduate with a free Associate's Degree and a wealth of college experience.

During the 13th year, the majority of the student's courses are taken with Northwood, but students remain officially enrolled with MIPS. Students continue to attend a required check-in with the College and Career Coordinator during their 13th year.

Enroll today in online high school and begin earning your free, dual enrolled associate's degree in Automotive Aftermarket Management.

Aftermarket Club

Students in this program are fueled by their passions for cars, the aftermarket, and turning this passion into a career someday. We want to share that passion with the world. Get hands-on experience with a project vehicle: the 1989 BMW E30 325is.


AAPEX represents the more than $1 trillion global automotive aftermarket and features 2,700 exhibiting companies from 44 countries. Northwood Students work with sponsoring companies to attend the show, work in the trade show booths, attend client meetings, and network with industry contacts and Northwood alumni.


The SEMA Show is the premier industry trade show for automotive specialty equipment manufacturers. Over 2,400 companies exhibit and display the hottest products that enhance performance. Our Northwood University Automotive Aftermarket students attend the show and get to work with companies during this exciting industry event.

A flexible, customized online high school experience, combined with convenient online dual enrollment so you can get a head start on your future.

  • Engaged Learning: We encourage students to focus on their unique talents and interests, and we use leading educational technology and one-on-one mentoring to keep students engaged, inspired, and working towards their future goals.

  • Tuition-Free: MIPS is a public charter school, which means it's 100% FREE. We provide everything you need to succeed, including world-class online curriculum, a MIPS Chromebook, and WiFi (either a portable WiFi device or Internet Essentials home internet package.)

  • School of the Arts: Receive professional, one-on-one instruction in piano, voice, guitar, visual arts, world music drumming, and theatre, and regularly interact with a vibrant and engaging peer community. Regardless of your experience level, we will focus on moving you to the next level as a well-rounded artist.

  • Academic Support & Intervention: Michigan International Prep School students are self-directed - but they're never alone. Our qualified mentors are here to help guide your child from enrollment to graduation. Your student will also have a Michigan Certified content teacher for each course, and will have access to numerous tutoring and academic support services.

  • NCAA & NAIA Approved for Student Athletes: Michigan International Prep School is fully approved by NCAA & NAIA as an online course provider, allowing college-bound student athletes to retain their eligibility.

  • Special Education Program: We offer an extensive range of specialized support resources for students with disabilities. We want every student to succeed, regardless of the unique challenges they face. Our Special Education Program allows students in grades K-12 to work towards a fully accredited Michigan Merit Diploma.

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*Please note: MIPS enrolls students through age 21, and does not administer the GED.

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