Merisa Munro


Merisa is a thoughtful, committed mentor who loves to see young people succeed. She’s currently working towards her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management at Northwood University. She has a 3 year old son who loves animals. That’s good, because they have 2 dogs, a mini-pig, and 20 chickens. They also enjoy the beach, sporting events, and watching shows about Dinosaurs.

Why Merisa chose MIPS...

“I enjoy helping students from every background and upbringing, but the ones that impact me the most are the ones that were ready to throw in the towel before finding MIPS.  I MIPS to offer support and encouragement to students that are looking to give school one last try. There are so many students that are faced with the decision to finish their High School Education, or deal with big picture obstacles that life has put in their way. I MIPS to help these students find a way to do both. The difference in a student’s future, the opportunities they will be presented with, and the foundation they will be able to build their success on all starts with a High School Diploma. I MIPS to make a difference.”