Coming Fall 2020

premiere music training for MIPS students at all skill levels.

Whether you have never taken lessons before, or you have years of experience - the School of Music will meet you where you are and take you to the next level of artistic development.

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beginning in the fall of 2020, Michigan International Prep School will be offering music courses through our school of music. MIPS students can study guitar, voice, or piano, as well as core music subjects like music theory and appreciating music (a survey of contemporary music and its cultural impact).

In partnership with

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develop your talents and become a well-rounded artist.

The Michigan International Prep School of Music is part of a developing arts division of MIPS that provides students with exclusive training and experience as a musician. Students may elect to take just one or two classes from the School of Music to learn to play piano or guitar or sing. Students that are looking to pursue a potential career in music can become a Music Major to complete an encompassing program of study that will earn them an Arts Endorsement on their MIPS diploma. The Arts Endorsement will indicate to colleges and universities a high level of training and achievement in the Arts.

You can view the School of Music Fact Sheet here.

If you'd like to learn more about the Michigan International School of Music, click the call button below to speak directly with Christopher Card, Director of the Arts. You can also call or text Christopher directly at: 947-999-1123.

Find the track that's right for you

Each track also includes fundamental topics like technique and music theory.


Study one-on-one with a veteran piano instructor, and perform live at a public recital. This track will cover the fundamentals of piano technique, music theory, and musicianship.

• Grades 3-12


Study one-on-one with a veteran guitar instructor, and perform live at a public recital. This track will cover the fundamentals of guitar technique, music theory, and musicianship.

• Grades 6-12


Study one-on-one with a veteran voice coach, and perform live at a public recital. This track will cover the fundamentals of healthy vocal technique, music theory, and musicianship.

• Grades 6-12

Group activities

*note: in light of current health concerns, the following group activities have been tentatively scheduled for the Spring semester.

Rock Band

The MIPS Rock Band will prepare and perform music across a wide variety of popular music styles with a seasoned band leader and a group of talented peers. This is a high-energy, close-knit group where students will get expert feedback and training. Instruments may include drum kit, vocals, guitar (electric and acoustic), piano, bass guitar, percussion, and synthesizer. (Will vary depending on available talent.)

(Spring Semester)


The MIPS Choir will prepare and perform a live choral production, featuring serious choral arrangements in a variety of styles. Under the direction of a veteran choral instructor, the MIPS choir will develop skills in sight reading, intonation, blending, and much more. 

(Spring Semester)

Theatrical production

Prepare and perform a live theatrical production with your peers, led by an experienced theater teacher. If you like to sing, act, or dance, this is a chance to gain valuable experience in a high-caliber stage performance environment. 

(Spring Semester)


Coming Fall 2020

enroll at mips to study at the school of music.

Christopher Card

Director of the Arts

To spearhead our new Arts Program, MIPS is proud to welcome Christopher Card.

Mr. Christopher Card is an accomplished singer, pianist and veteran educator that has led and grown school music programs for the past 26 years. Performing groups under Mr. Card’s direction have received high honors at state and national festivals and competitions and have held an international reputation as a program of excellence. On four occasions Mr. Card’s ensembles were selected to perform at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York City and twice have represented the United States in performance tours in Europe. Over recent years Mr. Card’s performing groups have received six grand champion trophies at music festivals in the United States. The YouTube channel for Mr. Card’s performing groups has a worldwide audience with over 1.5 million views.  

Mr. Card has directed numerous theatrical productions that have earned a reputation for bringing amateur actors to professional standards of performance. His shows are known for creative and artistic excellence which has led to record-breaking attendance with sold-out showings.  

Mr. Card’s approach to education is to infuse a high level of energy and enthusiasm into his teaching, while incorporating humor to keep things light. His former schools have recognized him as a master teacher who excels at drawing maximum potential out of all of his students in a caring environment.  

Mr. Card holds a Bachelors degree in Music Education from Western Michigan University and a Master’s Degree in Music Education from VanderCook College of Music in Chicago, IL.

Mr. Card is happily married to his wife of 22 years, Christine. Together they enjoy raising their two children, Cullen and Ceana. He is excited to be taking on the adventure of implementing an arts program at MIPS.

If you'd like to speak directly with Mr. Card, click the call button below. You can also call or text Christopher directly at: 947-999-1123