Tara Davis

Student Support Specialist

Tara has devoted her career to helping people. She started out in the serving industry, worked her way up to management, to marketing, and finally becoming a sales specialist in the retail industry. She has a real passion for people! Tara is a customer service and sales expert with sixteen years of experience in the field, handling customer needs and delivering effective solutions to problems. Tara received her 301 Masters certification through an MBA program. She has an unwavering commitment to customer service with the ability to build productive and long lasting relationships, resolve issues, and earn customer loyalty. Tara loves bringing energy into a room and not taking everything too seriously. According to Tara, she talks too loud sometimes and her jokes aren’t always funny…but she enjoys making people feel comfortable around her when she meets them.

Outside of the office, Tara is a dedicated wife and mother of three strong minded children that keep her running constantly. Tara describes her work as sometimes being her “escape…but when you believe in it…when you truly find that you are making a difference in kids’ lives…it doesn’t feel like work at all.”

Why Tara chose MIPS...

“Through my career I’ve realized that building relationships with people is what I was meant to do and what I’m most passionate about….which has lead me here to MIPS. Falling in love with your work creates something special about it. My “why” for being here with this amazing school isn’t something I can copy and paste from the internet….I myself am a mom of a middle schooler that has been ‘falling through the cracks’ for years. My understanding for what virtual school offers to students just like my own child has opened my mind up to so many possibilities, when I honestly thought all of my options were exhausted. Is the virtual world the best choice for every child? No, it’s not! But is it the perfect fit for some kids that have lost all hope for school and need to feel successful again? You betcha!”