Here's what our people are saying...

"Michigan International Prep has helped me with many things. I play AAA travel hockey, practice daily and travel a lot during the school year. This takes up a lot of my time. MIPS has given me the flexibility that I needed to accomplish playing hockey at such a high level and still being able to manage my school time. The teachers are great, especially if you needed extra help. They are very understanding and flexible as well. Without MIPS, I am not sure I would have had the opportunity to complete high school and follow my dreams of possibly playing at an NCAA college. I highly recommend MIPS to any high end athlete."


"I love this school! I read to my daughter and she reads her sight word books to me every night. She is excited that she can read now - in just two months her improvements are amazing! I have been telling everyone about this program - I’m a proud MIPS mom!"


"Love this! I don’t think my kids will ever go to a public school again! With my Son having health issues and being ADHD, this program is perfect for him. If he gets restless (which he does often), we can take a break and let him move around, then get back to work. He’s doing really well, too! Love this program!!"


“Last year on June 23, 2017, I was diagnosed with a hard-to-catch rare brain disease that nearly stole my life from me… [MIPS] not only helped me keep up with my schooling during such a difficult time in my life, but it helped me achieve much more on the side. I truly believe online schooling is the future of education. A student can get much more done this way than wasting so many hours sitting in a classroom. I completed a whole EMT program and was able to work as a pharmacy technician trainee since I ended up doing online schooling and saved my time.”

-Fazal ’18

"This was our first year with a virtual school and I’m so impressed with Michigan International Prep School. This was my daughter’s first year of high school and I was concerned about the lack of classes that our small school offered so I started searching for other options. I spoke with about 8 other virtual schools before choosing MIPS as her school. My daughter only has 2 classes at a time. She can work through them as quickly as she would like or take her time with the more difficult subjects. We live in Northern MI so we haven’t attended a learning lab; however, she does live sessions with her teachers as needed. We hear from her mentor weekly, and she always encourages us to reach out at anytime with any questions we may encounter."


"Great school and staff! They answered all our questions and made transferring a breeze! Having a mentor assigned to her has been an amazing resource we didn’t get from traditional school."


"[My teacher] is an awesome teacher...if and when I needed help, she was there to help...she helped me understand certain things I did not know and even sent me links in my email so I could watch videos to understand fully when I was stuck."

-Shayne (4th grade)

"I have a wonderful teacher! She's always there for me when I need her. She always checks up on me and always asks me how I'm doing and if I need any help or have any questions...she's very kind and sweet to me...I only wish that she would stay my teacher 'til I finish school in the 12th grade!"

-Skyla (4th grade)

"[My son's teacher] has been a great teacher - she's so understanding and helpful. She's been here 100%, helping to make sure my son is getting what he needs to be successful."