Zach Herman

Spanish Teacher

Zack Herman is a proud graduate of Oakland University and is thrilled to be teaching Spanish at MIPS. He’s passionate about Spanish and Latin American culture, having traveled to both Spain and Mexico. In Zach’s free time, you can find him writing the book he’s been working on for years, enjoying live music, or trying food from around the world (especially Chinese Dim Sum).  

Why Zach chose MIPS...

“As a classroom teacher in a traditional school, many times I am forced to pace lessons and move on even if a student does not comprehend the material. I believe in the MIPS way because students are able to work at their own pace. The curriculum is customizable so I am able to work with students who may need more practice, or alternatively, if a student masters a concept quicker than expected, I can move them on. The flexibility and individualization of MIPS is where we are headed in the future of education. That is why I MIPS!”