The MIPS Way


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Michigan International Prep School is a values-driven organization. This means that our principles are more important to us than enrollment numbers, profit margin, or prestige. We’re proud of what we stand for, and we put a great deal of energy into shaping our company culture around those values.

In order to hit our target, we have to make sure we’re all aiming at the same thing. That’s why we want every member of our team to have a crystal clear sense of who we are as an organization - why we exist and what we stand for.

Our Mission

We exist to offer a leading-edge, practical learning opportunity to students and families who need something different from the traditional classroom environment. We're constantly looking for fresh (and sometimes highly unconventional) ways to serve students in ways that respect and appreciate their uniqueness. We strive to prepare our students to be indispensable and adaptive adults who are ready to function in the workforce the day after graduation.

Our Values

Students Are First

Students are first. They will always be first. For us, this is more than a tagline - it’s quite literally the compass we use to navigate our day-to-day work and decisions. In a sector where growth and prestige are often the holy grail, we aim to always do what’s in the best interest of our students. If we lose this, we lose the MIPS way. 


Great people - and great organizations - are the same on the inside as they are on the outside. 

We strive to be transparent, conscientious, and kind, both as an organization and as individuals. This includes the way we interact with students/families, with the government, and with each other. We work hard to live out our principles, and we’re honest about our areas of weakness.

Bold Vision & Practical Execution

We value the ability to imagine a possible future that’s far better than the status quo. Massive vision. Vision that completely changes the game. (Rule of thumb: if our vision is smaller than our current capacity, our vision is too small).

We also value sensible, actionable ideas for how to move the needle. A grandiose vision without a plan isn’t worth much. We plot a course for the next thousand miles...but we still put one foot in front of the other. 

Bold vision. Practical execution. We need both.

Sensible Innovation

We don't do things differently just to be different, but neither will we do something simply because "that's how it's always been done." If something’s broken, we try to fix it. No fashion statements here. Just steady, thoughtful improvement. 

Service That Exceeds Expectation

No one remembers a company that meets expectations. Anyone can do that. You have to go beyond what’s expected in order to be truly remarkable. 

At MIPS, we’re committed to delivering a beautiful customer service experience, over and over and over again. That means treating our students and families like royalty and routinely going the extra mile. 


Leadership isn’t about having a fancy title. It’s about taking ownership for your sphere of influence (hint: everyone has one). At MIPS, a solution can come from anywhere, and everyone has a voice. Not everyone is in charge of every project, but everyone has a project they’re in charge of. Own it. Lead it. Take responsibility for it. 

Others-Oriented Teamwork

Teamwork is a skill. When people work together, they pool their good ideas, and the potential for good work is greater. But they also pool their bad ideas, and egos can get bruised. 

We believe every team member brings something uniquely valuable to the table. We encourage all staff to practice working together in a way that looks outward - valuing one another's unique talents and angles, minimizing ego, and maximizing effectiveness. 


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