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Michigan International Prep School is a forward-thinking, K-12 virtual school. We’re driven by a very simple idea: no two students are the same, and the educational pathway should should reflect that. Our dedicated mentors work closely with our students to design a unique learning experience. We even offer a menu of specialized learning Pathways for students who want to earn free college credit, or focus on subjects like music, or cybersecurity. We focus on keeping our students engaged through personal connection, customization, and flexibility. You can apply here.

School of Music

Develop your talents and become a well-rounded artist by taking online music courses with the Michigan International Prep School Of Music. Receive one-on-one, expert instruction in guitar, piano, or voice, and build meaningful connections within our vibrant MIPS music community.

Cultivating healthy fitness habits.

At Michigan International Prep School, we believe it’s important to invest in every area of healthy development. Our MIPS Running Club is a group of students and families who connect over fitness, train for 5k races, and receive weekly coaching updates throughout the year to encourage healthy fitness habits.

A customized learning pathway for every student.

At Michigan International Prep School, we want our student to pursue what makes them different. No two people are identical, and it doesn’t make sense to treat them like they are. That’s why we create a unique learning pathway for every MIPS learner, built around their talents, interest, location, and schedule. 

The personal element

MIPS students are self-directed – but they’re never alone. Our qualified mentors are here to help guide your child from enrollment to graduation. Need to speak with someone in person? Call a mentor, or drop by one of our learning labs to work with a tutor.

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