Elementary School  Parent  Resources

    • Is there an enrollment deadline?

      There’s no enrollment deadline at MIPS, but we do recommend students enroll by August to guarantee an on-time start date.

    • If we started the year online and then school goes back to in-classroom learning, could we change? Will MIPS credits transfer back to traditional schools?

      Yes - MIPS follows Michigan Merit Curriculum guidelines, and our credits are fully transferable to traditional schools.
    • I am worried that my student is behind where they should be for a normal ____ grader; what can MIPS do for them?

      MIPS will meet your student where they are. Our mentors work with each student to determine what grade level is most appropriate for them in each individual subject area. If your student needs extra support in a particular area, their mentor will provide them with additional resources and tutoring to help them get caught up in that area.

    • Will my student’s school be all online, or will there be any handouts/textbooks, etc.?

      Our elementary students each receive a wide array of learning resources, including worksheets, parent guides, and activity supplies (e.g. manipulatives, flash cards, books, art supplies, jump ropes, etc.)
    • I'm not sure how to help my student succeed with online school. What should I do?

      Don't worry! Your mentor will work closely with you and your student throughout the year. We're here to support you however we can! In the meantime, you can get started here with the basics.
    • What are the normal classroom hours?

      MIPS students have 24/7 access to their courses, and will have numerous options for group live lessons. Our Learning Labs are open from 8:00-3:00, M-F for students who need one-on-one help, or just a quiet place to study. 

    • Will my son/daughter have a dedicated teacher?

      We believe personal connection is paramount for academic success. Each MIPS student is assigned a certified teacher, as well as a mentor who will serve as a resource and support throughout their time at MIPS. Our teachers and mentors stay in regular contact with their students to guide and encourage them from enrollment to graduation. 

    • What programs are in place for children with special needs? 

      Students that qualify for special education services will have an Individualized Education Plan or IEP created for them based on their specific needs. We have certified special education teachers that are assigned to each child to provide individualized instruction and monitor their progress. Parents are consistently informed of their child’s progress and are considered a key member of the learning community for their child.

    • The MIPS School of Music (grades K-2)

      Arts elective (a combination of theatre, art, and music)

    • The MIPS School of Music (grades 3-5)

      Individual piano lessons
      Arts elective (a combination of theatre, art, and music)
    • Quarterly field trips

      (past examples: apple orchard, art and science museums, botanical gardens, etc.)

    • How do the drop-in Learning Labs work?

      Our learning labs are local MIPS drop-in study labs. We think it's extremely important for virtual students to know that they're connected, and that they can get the support they need, when they need it. Our labs have computers, teachers, coffee, snacks, etc. All the good stuff. It's a calm, comfortable place where you can hunker down and get things done. If you have questions about your school work, the Labs are a place where you can talk face-to-face with a teacher. If you live near one of our labs, stop by and say hello! We'd love to have you. Our labs are open M-F, 8am-3pm. To learn more about our labs, go here.

    • What materials does the school provide?

      We provide students with everything they need to succeed at MIPS, including a MIPS Chromebook and MiFi wireless network device. Our elementary students will also receive any additional learning aids and workbooks for free. 

    • How much does Michigan International Prep School cost?

      MIPS is FREE. As a state-funded public charter school, we offer 100% tuition-free education for Michigan students.

    • Is this a good transition for kids that were homeschooled in the past?

      The MIPS learning model is very similar to homeschooling but with the addition of a Michigan certified teacher. With a MIPS laptop and WiFi device, our students are able to work whenever and wherever they need to, allowing students and families to design a daily school schedule that works best for them. However, students are required to keep on pace with their learning calendar. However, students are required to keep on pace with their learning calendar and have regular communication with their teacher and mentor. This contact provides crucial support to the student, and is also the way we track attendance.