Made to fit.

Our curriculum.

Every student, every learning style, every step of the way - we have curriculum that works.

Our focus is on developing a customized learning pathway for each of our students. We believe in finding a curriculum that suits the child, and not the other way around. We guide our students into the curriculum and course selections that are best fitted to their needs and learning styles. If you would like a copy of the curriculum for your child's grade level, please select the appropriate download link below. You can also look over our High School Graduation Checklist.



Michigan International Prep School is an NCAA-approved online course provider.

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This age range is dependent on having a learning coach work with the child on a consistent basis. The learning coach is typically a parent, guardian or tutor that is with the child during the time that the student is working on their school work. The students learning coach will work closely with the mentor teacher at Michigan International Prep School. The main core classes/subjects of reading, writing, math, science and social studies are embedded in the curriculum. Michigan International Prep School strongly recommends that your child begins taking a world language course in this age range and continue this language through high school. Michigan International Prep School is committed to preparing your child to work and compete in a global market. The curriculum is an assessment-driven individualized learning pathway that dynamically targets the instruction. It is critical that we create a learning pathway that is specific to each individual child. The learning pathway adapts to your child’s learning development. The more the child accelerates through the learning the more challenging the curriculum will become. There is a number of additional skill building/game based programs that will be available to your family as a member of the Michigan International Prep School. Setting a consistent schedule each week has shown to increase the potential for success in virtual learning students. This is customized to the needs of your family so the schedule is based upon your family needs but we will be happy to assist you in developing your learning schedule. Michigan International Prep School is here to help students and families learn THEIR way.

Ask about how we can incorporate community based learning programs in your area.



Students in grades fourth through fifth are beginning to slowly transition from needing a full-time learning coach (see grades K-3 for details) to being more independent in their learning. Each year they will become more and more independent in their learning. Creating a consistent schedule is still as important as it was in grades K – 3. Again, creating the schedule around your family needs is vital to the success of the learning process. It is important that school isn’t something that you fit into your schedule but that is a main component to the overall family plan. Families are encouraged to work with their mentor on creating an educational plan. Schedule time to meet with your mentor in the local drop in learning center. The curriculum in this age will begin to transition from a child-like platform to a more adult look and feel. All students will take the four core classes in math, science, language arts, and social studies. Michigan International Prep School recommends that all students start or continue a world language each year of school. Students will have a content teacher for all of their courses and will be assigned a mentor that will provide a wraparound service for the child and family. Michigan International Prep School is here to help students and families learn THEIR way.

Ask about how we can incorporate community based learning programs in your area.



Students in grades sixth through eighth are beginning to see more options to choose from in their learning pathway. It is important that students and families work closely with their mentor in choosing the curriculum options and the course options within the various curriculum platforms. The curriculum platforms used by MIPS are interactive and have a number of elective options. Students in this age are taking the next steps in independence, but it is critical to the students success that the parent, guardian or learning coach are actively involved in the student’s progress and process. MIPS recommends that the parent, guardian, or learning coach check the student’s progress daily. MIPS recommends that the parent, guardian, or learning coach have weekly phone updates with the MIPS mentors. This is a pivotal age that students have been known to lose their focus on successful completion of their academics. An incorrect assumption is that if the student doesn’t need academic help, then they must being doing great. Staying involved can maintain a strong successful pathway for all students. Students in this age range are developing the foundational skills for their high school career. Though these courses will not be a factor in the overall student GPA, the skills developed in these years will be crucial to their success in high school. Michigan International Prep School is here to help students and families learn THEIR way.

Ask about how we can incorporate community based learning programs in your area.



The transition from eighth grade to high school can be a very challenging time for students. MIPS wants to reinforce the importance of having a parent, guardian, grandparent, friend, mentor or learning coach involved in the learning process. Each student needs a support network that will encourage them through the time that they are in high school. The course options are the greatest in the high school years in addition to a number of elective options outside the virtual curriculum. MIPS is focused on harnessing each student’s intrinsic motivation so MIPS will work with each student to develop Independent Study opportunities or project based learning electives. MIPS has formed a number of partnerships through the higher education institutes that will open up a number of dual enrollment opportunities for educational advancement. Each high school student is able to take a total of 10 dual enrollment courses over the course of their high school career.

Early College – Dual Enrollment

Structure and Flexibility through Block Scheduling

Block scheduling is designed to reduce the pressure students feel as they work through their courses. If the student is only working on one or two courses at a time, there is a great sense of accomplishment. Students become more focused and have the tendency to work through their courses more efficiently and timely.

Your child’s learning team

Who will I work with when I school from home?

Each course is staffed by a highly qualified Michigan certified teacher. These teachers are the content area experts and will work with students to master the curriculum.

At Michigan International Prep School, we refuse to allow any of our students to slip through the cracks. Our mentors are available to help your child navigate things like course enrollment, learning platforms, and assignments. We also staff our learning centers with mentors during normal working hours, in case your student needs to speak with a teacher one-on-one.

The academic counselors work with students on selecting their courses each semester in addition to overseeing and organizing the State M-Step Assessment each year. The academic counselor also facilitates dual enrollment and Early College applications.

The Tools your student needs for success

In order to reduce barriers for students to succeed, enrolled students receive a free laptop and wifi connection. This allows our students to connect and learn wherever and whenever is right for them.