High School  Parent  Resources

  • Will dual enrolled college credits transfer to other colleges? What about out-of-state colleges?

    Our dual enrolled college classes are through fully-accredited Michigan colleges and universities. However, it’s important to check with the college you intend to transfer to, as not all colleges accept credits from all other colleges.
  • Do you hold an actual graduation ceremony?

    We do! We typically hold two or more in-person graduation ceremonies located in different regions of the state to enable more families to participate.
    • Do MIPS students take the SAT/ACT?

      Yes, we offer both, and both are required.

  • High School StudentsAre there any in-person tests MIPS students are required to take?

    All students are required to take select in-person state tests once per year per the state of Michigan. In order to make this as easy as possible for our families, we provide multiple pop-up testing locations across the state.
  • When do classes start?

    You can see our full school calendar here.
  • Does MIPS offer any career training for high school students?

    Yes! It’s our goal that every student would graduate from MIPS equipped with the tools they need for whatever comes next, whether through free dual enrolled college credits, cybersecurity and computer science training, or on-the-job trades opportunities.
  • What is the MIPS School of Music?

    A program offering individual lessons
    • Piano 
    • Guitar
    • Voice

  • What is the curriculum structure, how will my child be placed in the appropriate classes?

    Our mentors work with each student to design a custom-fitted learning pathway that matches the interests, talents, and needs of the student. Each student will take an initial NWEA assessment that’s used to determine the child’s learning level. Using these NWEA scores as a starting point, the mentor will then work with the student and guardian to build a course schedule using curriculum, courses, and timing that will help them succeed.

  • If my child has special educational needs, what systems are in place to help them?

    Students that qualify for special education services will have an Individualized Education Plan or IEP created for them based on their specific needs. We have certified special education teachers that are assigned to each child to provide individualized instruction and monitor their progress. Parents are consistently informed of their child’s progress and are considered a key member of the learning community for their child.

  • Can my son or daughter play sports, are there affiliated sports programs with the school?
    • MIPS is in the early stages of launching our first athletic program, the MIPS Running Club. Club members will have the opportunity to participate in several 5Ks throughout the year.
    • Because the MIPS program is so flexible, many of our students are able to participate in time-intensive sports or other extracurricular programs that they would never have time for in a traditional school setting. These students are able to spend large amounts of time in travel, competition, and training, while keeping on schedule academically. 

  • Does Michigan International Prep School work with trade schools and vocational schools?

    MIPS provides students with several career and technical training opportunities (more info coming soon on all CTE opportunities...this just gives you some bullet points to get started with):

    • Cleary University Enhanced Dual Enrollment Pathway 
    • LIFT manufacturing training program at state-of-the-art interactive learning lab in Detroit
    • Computer networking, cybersecurity, and programming classes
    • Commercial roofing employment opportunity
    • Manufacturing employment opportunity (Eberspächer automotive supplier)

  • How much does this cost?

    MIPS is FREE. As a state-funded public charter school, we offer 100% tuition-free education for Michigan students.
  • Do we have to live in Michigan year round?

    In order to be enrolled at MIPS, a student must be a resident of Michigan (i.e. they must have a Michigan address). We have plenty of students who travel extensively (whether for sports, recreation, or to visit family), and our flexible online format allows them to stay on pace with their school. It is important, however, that traveling students stay engaged and working in their classes while they travel.

  • How much flexibility will my child have if they are pursuing high level sports, music, or other interests?

    Many of our students are involved in extremely time-intensive sports or arts activities that take them all over the country. Our program allows them to work when and where they need to. There are no parameters on what time of day a student works; they are simply expected to keep on pace with their studies and to stay in regular contact with their mentor. 

  • Can my son or daughter work while enrolled in school

    Many of our high school students have jobs, we believe this is an individual decision of balancing the right workload for each student.