About Us

Who we are.

We're a school for students and families who are ready for something different.

Learning isn’t one-size-fits-all. Not even a little bit.

An ever-growing number of students and families are searching for a fresh learning solution. Something that’s nimble, creative, and (most importantly) custom-fitted to the student.

At Michigan International Prep School, we’ve made a commitment to craft an exceptional learning experience. One that inspires and equips. One that’s shaped around the intrinsic talents and interests of the student. We use world-class online curriculum, one-on-one mentoring, and leading educational technology to empower our students for a lifetime of productivity and purpose. 

We’re rethinking what it means to learn online. Want to join us?

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K-12, Tuition-Free, and Statewide

Michigan International Prep School is a statewide public charter school. We offer 100% free education to Michigan students in grades K-12.

Fully Accredited

Michigan International Prep School is fully AdvancEd/Cognia accredited as a K-12 public charter, and is also NCAA and NAIA approved.


Our dedicated mentors stay in regular contact with their students to guide and encourage them from enrollment to graduation.

Drop-in Learning Labs

We believe personal connection is paramount for academic success. Our drop-in Learning Labs are spaces where Michigan International Prep School students can get face-to-face support from qualified staff. You can learn more about our labs here.


Michigan International Prep School is committed to removing roadblocks to success. We provide our students with the technology they need, including a MIPS Chromebook for students in grades 6-12, iPads for grades K-5, and WiFi network devices for any student as needed. You can learn more about our technology offerings here.


We use a powerful suite of online curricula and virtual learning tools to customize each student’s learning pathway around their individual interests and abilities. Learn more about our curriculum here.


For students who are ahead of the curve, we offer dual enrollment opportunities that allow students to earn college credit in high school. You can learn more here.

Your virtual learning journey begins here.