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Reimagining Education


How can education
be done better?

At Michigan International Prep School, we’re always challenging and questioning the way things have always been done in education. Tune in to hear conversations about how MIPS is taking virtual education to the next level.

Introducing Secondary Principal David Pilgreen

Introducing Elementary Principal Andrea Knack

Engaging Families with Field Trips & Clubs

Meeting Students Where They Are with Individualized Learning

Excluding Student Behaviors

When Should Students Get Zeros?

Teaching Students to Learn How to Learn

How to Get Students to Complete Ungraded Assignments

Grades: How Should Schools Assess Student Learning?

Parent Advocates for Choice in Education with Lynn Aronoff

Living During a War

How Should Educators Measure Student Learning?

Innovative Technology for Virtual Students & Schools

Be True to Yourself

4 Principles for Nurturing Strong Relationships After Graduation

9 Skills to Teach Every Student

Andre Fluellen: The Life of Your Dreams

Choosing a School That's Best for Your Student

Count Day: What It Is, and Why It's Important

A Parent's Advice for Helping Your Online Student Succeed

Raising the Bar for Special Education in Online Schools

Encouraging Disengaged, Discouraged, and At-Risk Students

Building Exceptional Curriculum

Gaming Clubs & Esports: Engaging Online Learners

Mentors: The Importance Of Passionately Helping Students

Online Art, Music, And Theatre: Community, Creativity, And Discipline For Virtual Students.

Pathways: Launching Students Into Successful Careers

Making Online K-12 School Unique And Extraordinary

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